IS A MAMA. IS Not your mama's copywriter.

Hi, I'm Laurel. A writer and Creative Director who loves getting nerdy and hates talking about herself in the 3rd person.

I'm a 12 year Bay Area agency vet and a threepeat Noogler. Having worked with Google's Brand Studio and their wearables team, Project Aura, I now run an embedded creative team that supports Google's customer marketing initiatives across AdWords and YouTube.  

My creative work has been honored by the Clios, The One Show, Creativity International, AdAge, The Appys, and The ADDYs and I've been a part of the team that runs the 3% Conference for over three years. I've been a part of the One to Watch Jury and a mentor for the See it Be it program at Cannes and I sometimes write about motherhood, diversity in creativity, and being a part of the 3%.

When I'm not doing writer things or hanging out with my husband and our favorite tiny human, I'm busy running Next Creative Leaders, a diversity initiative I co-founded with The One Club for Creativity, to shine a much-needed light on up and coming female creative talent.

I've worked for:

  • DesignKitchen/Blast Radius
  • Gensler's Brand Studio
  • Project Aura (Glass and Beyond) at Google
  • Razorfish
  • Google Brand Studio 
  • ANML
  • Fantasy Interactive (Fi)
  • SapientNitro
  • Rosetta
  • LEVEL Studios
  • Organic
  • Riney
  • Swirl

I've worked on: